June 2, 2008: Ten Years Ago on Grasping Reality

Twitter Is Crap at Aggregation Tools...

  • Jeet Heer: "You (smart person): Jeet, it's an unfair caricature that people who loudly complain about political correctness are hypocritical reactionaries who don't care for free speech but want to defend privilege. Me: Um: Niall Ferguson wanted opposition research on a student.Campus arguments over diversity and free speech are causing some distinguished academics to do extremely strange things...

  • Garance Franke-Ruta: "One of America's most famous male journalists of the 1970s did not report on domestic violence in the White House because, he says, he did not understand that the president hitting his wife was a criminal act..."

  • Nick Beaudrot: ";Well we have to have a quote from the opposition' is one of those rules that will suddenly reappear when Democrats have one party control..."

  • Molly Jong-Fast: "Truly spectacular that an administration so stocked with oil company shills could alienate oil companies! Another day of winning in Trumpworld..."

  • Nicholas Weaver: "Or who are people who do understand what is going on, and see that it is basically all fraud, scam, lies, and tulip-mania hype intent on speedrunning 500 years of economic failure with one or two additional disasters grafted on for good measure..."

  • Matthew Yglesias: "Some of the press has partially internalized the White House propaganda which holds that reporting on Trump is opposition politics so there’s little need to incorporate actual opposition party viewpoints—a challenging environment for Dems..."

  • Matthew Yglesias: "McCain’s final political act will be to maximize the GOP’s chances of ensuring a president he sometimes claims to deplore will face no accountability for his rampant corruption..."

  • Matthew Yglesias: "A reminder that Comey used to know what the rules were for commenting on a closed investigation with no charges..."