Real Climate: 30 years after Hansen’s testimony: "The first transient climate projections using GCMs are 30 years old this year, and they have stood up remarkably well...

Misrepresentations and lies: Over the years, many people have misrepresented what was predicted and what could have been expected. Most (in)famously, Pat Michaels testified in Congress about climate changes and claimed that the predictions were wrong by 300% (!)–but his conclusion was drawn from a doctored graph (Cato Institute version) of the predictions where he erased the lower two scenarios. Undoubtedly there will be claims this week that Scenario A was the most accurate projection of the forcings [Narrator: It was not]. Or they will show only the CO2 projection (and ignore the other factors). Similarly, someone will claim that the projections have been “falsified” because the temperature trends in Scenario B are statistically distinguishable from those in the real world...

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30 years after Hansen s testimony RealClimate

30 years after Hansen s testimony RealClimate

And, yes, from the Cato Institute and the Wall Street Journal, we have what can only be called misrepresentations and lies.