Understanding Trump's Flailing About: Weekend Reading

The other alternative is that they will stick with him forever: the tax cut—redistributing $2 trillion in wealth to the superrich—is the only kahuna, after all. Nothing else matters: Nils Gilman: "What we're seeing with Trump's current political strategy is something very similar to the maneuvers of a corporation pulling out the stops to delay the inevitable coming bankruptcy...

...As with the corporate bankruptcy, one can't really predict what the final straw will be. With Trump's political bankruptcy around the corner, what's holding him together at this point is only that he has managed to put almost all the GOP electeds in DC in his debt, and if/when he goes down, they're all going to be left holding the bag. Of course, the long Trump manages to stave off his own political bankruptcy with this approach, the higher the political debts will pile for the GOP electeds. And when the main debtor goes belly up, even more of them well get pulled into the political debt vortex with him.

Trump's defenders are facing a kind of political analog to the old adage that if I owe you $5, that's a problem for me, whereas if I owe you $5m, that's a problem for you.

It won't end well for them...