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David Rothkopf: "A brief note to my Republican friends (and other supporters of the president): Keep your eye on the penny. It is about to drop...

...I'm reminded of a story when, back in 2001, my company had the 7th largest company in America as a client.

It was an innovative, high-flying energy company, full of people who seemed to have figured out the future. Then, rumors started to fly about problems with the company and some mysterious practices there. We tried to help our clients think these through. But the stories got worse.

I would speak regularly to a very senior guy there. Finally, one day, I called him and said, "Look, you have to get in front of this. If you did something wrong admit it and that will give you the credibility you need to deny the other stuff, the unfair accusations."

There was a long pause on the other end of the line. Then, the guy said, in a very quiet voice, "Look...here's the problem: We did it. We did it all." It was clear his focus had shifted. He realized he was personally in trouble. He realized the company was going down.

The company of course, was Enron. The rest is history. But I'll never forget that moment when the penny dropped and it became clear, something very very bad was happening at this place & that these guys were in way over their heads. That's happening now throughout the West Wing.

It is starting on Capitol Hill. The people who realize what's happening may be able to save themselves, move to the right side of this story. Do some good. Those who continue to deny will only become collateral damage. Trump is the Enron of presidents.

He did it. He did it all. He did more than we know.

The penny is dropping. How you respond will define your careers, for some it may define whether you even have careers in the future. Or freedom. Or reputations. Time to wake up...