Aspen, CO

Aspen—Maroon Bells

It is something—even if it is not the Grand Tetons, or Nanga Parbat, or (I am told) Lhotse:

Grand Teton, Nanga Parbat, Lhotse

Aspen Colorado Hiking Trails: "Crater Lake (MODERATE): The trail begins at Maroon Lake, 10 miles up Maroon Creek Road.  The Maroon-Snowmass Trail climbs through the Aspens to the lake.  The left trail or the scenic trail follows a river and crosses two bridges, then climbs steeply to meet with the Maroon-Snowmass Trail...

In the end, starting up the trail only 18 hours after landing in Aspen was probably a mistake: I only got to Crater Lake, half as far as I had expected to get; when I got there I was twice as tired as I had thought I would be at my furthest out; and I had already drunk all 3 liters of my water...

Crater Lake Trail/Maroon Bells/Aspen-Snowmass, CO