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Very much worth reading from Nick Bunker: Nick Bunker: Puzzling over U.S. wage growth: "Hiring has not been particularly strong during this recovery...

...Even accounting for the low unemployment-to-vacancy ratio hiring is down. But only certain kinds of hiring are down. Hiring of workers who were previously unemployed or out of the labor market is in-line with the previous labor market recovery. The hiring that is down is the hiring of already-employed workers.... Analysis of the data shows a weak relationship between the unemployment rate and a good measure of wage growth. The prime employment rate has a much stronger relationship and has done a good job predicting wage growth out of the sample it draws from. The relationship is holding up in practice. Economists and analysts may just need to figure out how it works in theory...

Employment Rate Aged 25 54 All Persons for the United States FRED St Louis Fed

Puzzling over U S wage growth Equitable Growth

Puzzling over U S wage growth Equitable Growth

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