Comment of the Day: I deleted a an anti-anti-Trump trollish comment, but this reply to it seems worth keeping: JEC: There is something deeply mentally, morally, and psychologically wrong here—with Glenn Kessler, with his bosses, and with his colleagues: "'He makes it very clear that he is responding to a reader's question about a part of O'Rourke's quote, to which he posts a video link. I simply fail to see how responding to a reader question about a statement made internally in a quote is the same as making something up and attributing it to the candidate.'...

...Well, you just did exactly the same thing. Did you notice?

Let me explain. You wrote "he is responding to a reader's question about part of O'Rourke's quote…." That's flatly false. Specifically, "Unarmed black children are being killed at a frightening level by law enforcement," is not "part" of O'Rourke's quote. It is a completely different claim that happens to use some of the same words. It is, at best, a misinterpretation of O'Rourke's statement.

The correct answer to the reader's question is: "O'Rourke didn't say that. What he did say is factually correct and fairly states a real problem."

Now, if one wants to do a story on whether police are gunning down unarmed black pre-teens in large numbers, that would be a perfectly valid story to write. But it wouldn't appear in a column devoted to fact-checking the things candidates say....