Just Do It: Colin Kaepernick

Ilyana Kuziemko: Excerpts from McCain funeral are both genuinely touching and yet painfully out of touch. Wonder if we will think of it as Edward VII's 1911 funeral: huge gathering of monarchs, many from soon-to-be-deposed royal families and most unaware of how the world was about to convulse.

Henry: Tropism Toward Powerful Electoral Bases: "A key thing now is the politicians have a tropism toward their powerful electoral bases, who are driving them to extreme positions and cowardice toward Trump...

...It's different from 1911. This is the people's turpitude and blaming elite failure is a half-dodge. Elite failure set a backdrop for the people's turpitude but we the people need to own our fair share of responsibility. We value money/importance/self-aggrandizement over character/group achievement/kindness. We see the result in many weakened communities and broken families.

Appendum: To focus only one elite failings (which are real) but not the benefits elites have brought is misleading, just as is extolling the people wo pointing to our flaws as a people . Numerous advances in technology/processes have led to better quality of life and lower prices...