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Is Any Conclusion Possible Except that Brett Kavanaugh Is a CRAZYPANTS LIAR?

Clowns (ICP)

How do you avoid the conclusion that Brett Kavanaugh is a CRAZYPANTS LIAR?: Brett Kavanaugh: “I may have met her, we did not travel in the same social circle, she was not a friend, not someone I knew...”

Joshua Benton: “Chris Garrett?... friend of Kavanaugh's... at the July 1 party!... Kavanaugh is claiming to have no idea who Ford is, he was hanging out all the time with... Chris Garrett is the "Squi" in the famous July 1 calendar entry.... Ford testified Thursday that she "went out with [Garrett] for a few months" but wasn't "dating" him.... Kavanaugh on Thurs even testified that in the summer of 1982, he spent a weekend at Garrett's house! Again, Garrett & Ford were in some stage of dating, going out for multiple months—and Kavanaugh didn't know the girl of his sleepover bud was dating?... Garrett, who Ford was seeing in some form for months, was one of his best friends, at least based on his calendars....

Garrett is ALL OVER that summer's calendars. I didn't count them all up, but I think his name may appear more than any other friend's that summer. (If not, it's close.)... On May 2, Kavanaugh goes to a Bullets game with Garrett. On June 12, Kavanaugh spends the night at Garrett's beach house in Rehoboth. On June 13, Kavanaugh sees Rocky III with Garrett. On July 30, Kavanaugh went to the beach with Garrett. On August 3, Kavanaugh goes to an Orioles doubleheader with Garrett. On August 14, Kavanaugh goes to the beach again with Garrett. On August 19, Kavanaugh...does something with Garrett, I can't read his handwriting. On August 20-22, Kavanaugh sleeps over at Garrett's house. He referred to that weekend in his testimony. Garrett was not an acquaintance — he was a very close friend. And again, Ford specifically cited Garrett, the man Ed Whelan falsely fingered, as the guy she was dating and who was her connection to Kavanaugh....

Mario the Dog: How did Whelan know to finger Garrett? Odd unless someone had connected Ford and Garrett for him. But that couldn't have been Kavanaugh because Kavanaugh has no idea wtf Ford is right?