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John Scalzi: The Whatever Digest, 9/13/18: "I’m a fan of Lindsay Ellis’ deconstructions of film and TV.... But her most recent video isn’t about either of those... it’s about YouTube... and talks about how the people who are making shows and videos there are making them seem 'authentic'...

...Along the way she talks... about the emotional cost of keeping up that veneer of authenticity on a regular basis, for people who, ultimately, one doesn’t know, even if they feel like they know you—in part because that’s what you were aiming for. I found this video even more interesting than I find most of Ellis’ videos, because the issues she’s addressing are ones I’m familiar.... The version of me here is tuned—it’s a public persona... not... false... but... tweaked for the blog, as it were.... I well aware of how much I do what Ellis’ talking about in the video, in my own fashion and mode, so it’s also interesting for me to see other people talking about...

Lindsay Ellis: YouTube: Manufacturing Authenticity (For Fun and Profit!):