Note to Self: Talking Points on Trump:

  • We have no idea how bad Trump‘s trade and immigration policies will turn out to be.

  • The policy as Trump says he want wants to pursue would be very bad indeed. But it is not clear if they are competent enough to implement any policies.

  • Nevertheless, an army of chaos monkeys has a destructive power all its own.

  • Do not expect any help from trumps advisers. Remember when we heard Wilbur Ross say that the US runs a trade surplus in dollars vis-à-vis Canada but a trade deficit with Canada in terms of value? He was confused. At the margin, things are worth what people will pay for them. And our imports from Canada, even maple syrup, change our economy only at the margin.

  • What I said of Larry Kudlow turns out to be true of the crew in general: they are not so much Economic advisors and cabinet secretaries as people who could pretend to be Sutch on TV and I’m reality TV.

But, as I said already, an army of chaos monkeys has a distructive power all its own.

  • You ask me what conservatives could do that does not add to the destruction—.What, say, Edmund Burke or Benjamin Disraeli would do. Three words: 25th Amendment Remedies

  • The curse of Goldwater and curse of Gingrich

  • 181 people represented by Democratic versus 141 million people represented by Republican senators

  • 66 million voting for the Democrat as opposed to 63 million voting for the Republican

  • The 20th century was an American century because of America was extraordinary open this to immigrants. Had the British Empire been as open to immigration as America the 20th century would have been an imperial British century

  • The immigration hiatus between 1925 and 1965 gave those reaching maturity in 1975 a bizarre idea of what had made America was. And they are now old and rather than watching Bloomberg and getting information they are watching Fox and are scared out of their wits