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Matthew Yglesias: Austin Can't Stay Weird: "One could go on and on about this stuff—bus lanes, a modest Inclusionary Zoning requirement, etc.—but the details aren’t especially different from what I’d say about anything else. The key point is that the mentality would have to be, 'Hey, Austin is really great, and so a lot of people want to live here or locate businesses here. We should build lots of houses and office buildings and transportation infrastructure and schools to accommodate them...'

...You wouldn’t be able to preserve weirdness—there’d be lots of new buildings and probably a lot of the architecture would be unimaginative. But you could preserve one of the biggest strengths of the Texas economic model: the availability of both middle-class jobs and cheap houses. Otherwise, if you turn against new construction, you’ll end up with the “coastal” paradigm (which also happens in Denver, and, frankly, a lot of college towns) where you have a great place to live but a lot of people can’t actually live there...

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