Weekend Reading: Robert Skidelsky on Writing the Biography of John Maynard Keynes: Fifteen Years Ago on the Internet Weblogging

Beatrice Cherrier: @Undercoverhist: "The second part of this article is totally accurate, but omitting key information in the first part seriously weakens the overall message (any resemblance to other Duke historians…) The CHOPE received money from conservative Pope and Earhart, which funded, among others, Van Horn’s anti-Hayekian research (https://t.co/v43aoW6L3N). Then got a large grant from progressive INET (https://t.co/mhYbtnkLPO) which funded, among other, Austrian research...

...That CHOPE is “stronghold for Austrian econ” is a lie. Here’s list of CHOPE faculty https://t.co/aNjspJC2E4. There’s exactly 1 permanent member who’s a Hayek scholar, its director B. Caldwell, who invited Mirowski to 2018 summer school . Other members are a historian of macro, & now 2 retired and 1 passed historians of math econ, econ visuals, Keynes. I agree w/ Chronicle open that Koch funding is extremely worrying. I’ll watch what it funds w/ attention & concern (grant agreement: https://t.co/Opkz4WzpXa). I also wholeheartedly agree that “programs should not be determined by the agenda-driven.”

But what’s the alternative? David Warsh recently narrated how Duke’s econ dpt have hitherto failed to replace (thus fund) now retired CHOPE historians of econ http://www.economicprincipals.com/issues/2016.09.04/1921.html. Defunding of history of econ is a larger trend. The field has been removed from curricula, its researchers removed from US econ faculty, its output removed from econ journals. And Duke hosts the larger repository of economists’ archives in the world: https://t.co/0aluwo4JLi.

So a better title for the HigherEd chronicle might be: “Congratulations, economists. Koch just bought your past. What are you going to do about it?”...

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