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Jon Schwarz: The 10 Most Awful Articles in the Weekly Standard’s Short Life VIII: "'The Worst Thing About Gay Marriage', by Sam Schulman, 2009: Here Sam Schulman first expresses amazement at the rapidity with 'which gays have attained the right to hold jobs — even as teachers and members of the clergy', and explains 'all these rights … have made gays not just ‘free’ but our neighbors'. (In the past all LGBT Americans were apparently sequestered away in underground caverns.) Also, the only reason for marriage is 'protecting and controlling the sexuality of the child-bearing sex'. Then Schulman frets that gay marriage will obviously lead to brothers marrying brothers and fathers marrying sons.... The upshot is that after the initial excitement of gay incest marriage, all the gay Americans will realize marriage is pointless and will stop getting married; this will cause marriage of all genres to collapse (?); and human society will evaporate...

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