Commonwealth Club Talking Points (January 25, 2019): Forecasting and Steve Moore Edition

Hoisted from the Archives: The Kansas Republican Governance Experiment. Or Is That "Governance 'Experiment'"? Or Is That "'Governance' Experiment"?: Nothing like this was seen before.... It is only under Brownback that it has been down, down, down, down. You can argue how much of it is hostility to immigrants and strangers. How much of it is the profoundly un-Christian cast of a "Christian" government, and how much of it is the collapse of public services. But it has been effective. My friend Dan Davies says that the best proof that there is a skill and art of management comes from the fact that nobody doubts that there is such a thing as gross mismanagement. Similarly, the best proof that there is such a thing as good technocratic government leading to shared prosperity and equitable growth is... Brownback, and his acolytes and supporters, in Kansas:

Ben Casselman et al.: THE KANSAS EXPERIMENT IS BAD NEWS FOR TRUMP’S TAX CUTS: "The most interesting policy news of the week may have come from 1,000 miles away, in Topeka, Kansas

...The Kansas state legislature on Tuesday voted to override Gov. Sam Brownback’s veto and roll back 1.2 billion dollars of tax cuts over two years. The vote marked a bipartisan repudiation of what Brownback had described as an “experiment” in a particular brand of anti-tax fiscal conservatism. The failure of that experiment has implications beyond Kansas because Brownback’s approach was meant to be a model for conservatives elsewhere, including in Washington. (It was drafted with the help of prominent conservative thinkers, including former Ronald Reagan adviser Arthur Laffer and Heritage Foundation economist Stephen Moore.) Brownback’s version was particularly radical: He aimed to push personal income taxes to zero and exempted certain kinds of businesses, known as “pass-through” entities, from taxes entirely.... Brownback and his supporters predicted that cutting taxes would create jobs and spur entrepreneurship while boosting government revenue. That isn’t what happened...

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