Menzie Chinn (2014): Does a Low Tax/Right-to-Work/Low Minimum Wage Regime Correlate to Growth: "MIf a higher ALEC-Laffer ranking resulted in faster growth, then the points should line up along an upward sloping 45 degree line. This is not what I see.... Kansas and Wisconsin, ranked 15th and 17th in terms of the ALEC-Laffer 'Economic Outlook Rankings', are doing equally badly relative to US employment growth. In contrast, Minnesota (ranked 46th) is outperforming the United States and those two states.... What about California?... Ranked 47th by ALEC-Laffer, and yet is doing the best in terms of employment amongst the four states.... The higher the ranking according to Arthur Laffer, Stephen Moore (currently chief economist of Heritage), and Jonathan Williams, the poorer the employment growth...