Talking Points and Snippets from Commonwealth Club January 25, 2019 Forecast Event

My read is that (1) Putin has something on Trump that Trump regards as either highly embarrassing or fatal (although what it could be is at this stage hard to imagine: what could embarrass Trump? what could lead McDonnell and company to stop defending Trump?); (2) Putin has said that he will keep quiet as long as Trump is "agreeable"; (3) Putin has left it up to Trump to define what "agreeable" is; (4) Trump is neither sophisticated nor wise as he attempts to do Putin's bidding: Edward Luce: The Unpalatable Truth About Trump’s Embrace of the Russian Bear: "Otherwise cautious former CIA directors, senior retired generals and other seasoned operatives talk of Russian kompromat as the best explanation for Mr Trump’s actions.... That judgment has hardened in the past three weeks. On top of the FBI’s inquiry are reports that Mr Trump has repeatedly tried to withdraw the US from Nato.... All of which presents the US public with a horribly binary choice. On the one hand, Mr Trump claims... [he] is the victim of a vast leftwing conspiracy... [and] the FBI and other branches of government had betrayed their oaths by working for one political faction. On the other hand... America’s commander-in-chief is working for a foreign adversary. Either account would break all historic precedent. The question is which of the two is less unlikely...

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