I Want to Take a Virtual Course on the Public Sphere in the Age of Costless Electronic Reproduction. What Should I Read?

Comment of the Day: Kansas Jack: A Very Nice Twitter Rant from Tom Nichols: "Let me rant. I agree with Nichols, it isn't about anything of substance it is about being pissed off. Period. About what? Doesn't matter. In Kansas you could explain to dimwits all you want that tax cuts will not raise revenues. It wasn't that it fell on deaf ears because they couldn't understand, they simply didn't care. And the more it mattered to you, the happier they were. Taxes go to "those people" so screw em. In Iowa there is now legislation in the senate to take away tenure. Why? Because the sponsor is "philosophically opposed to a job for life." But, you nicely explain, tenure doesn't give anyone a job for life. So what? That's not really the reason he wants to take it away. He's just pissed off that taxes again are going to the undeserving, which he can't codify in any real way. I'm like Nichols, I really don't care why these people want to do things to hurt other people and I'm tired of reading editorials about how we need to understand their views...