The Federal Reserve in 2011 Debates Christina Romer's Ideas About the Need for "Regime Change": Weekend Reading

Marcy Wheeler: How Amy Berman Jackson Got Roger Stone to Step in It and Then Step in It Again: "Here’s what she did.... Impose a gag that a Twitter account bearing Stone’s name may have violated within an hour. Get Rogow and Stone on the record explaining why the terms of her gag won’t impact Stone’s ability to make a living, undercutting a significant part of the First Amendment claim they’ve been making. Provide a basis for the gag that Rogow did not anticipate, which may be far harder—and politically more difficult—to challenge. Provide an opportunity for both the prosecution and herself to catch Stone in multiple sworn lies (which, again, I’m sure the FBI is busy at work proving now), which if charged as perjury would lead to Stone’s immediate jailing...