Weekend Watching: A Night at the Garden
The Federal Reserve in 2011 Debates Christina Romer's Ideas About the Need for "Regime Change": Weekend Reading

Margaret Talbot: Revisiting the American Nazi Supporters of “A Night at the Garden”: "Even more unnerving than the strangeness of the spectacle is the creeping sense of familiarity it evokes. Kuhn’s snarky excoriation of the 'Jewish-controlled' press, his demand 'that our government shall be returned to the American people who founded it', and even the idolatry of the Founding Fathers all have their echoes in far-right politics today. No moment in the film seems more redolent of our current demagogue’s maga rallies than the one in which a protester scrambles onto the stage—he was Isadore Greenbaum, a twenty-six-year-old plumber’s helper from Brooklyn—and is promptly tackled and pummelled by Kuhn supporters, amid appreciative laughter and hooting from the crowd. One advantage to living through Trumpism is that it has compelled a reckoning with aspects of our country’s past that, for a long time, many Americans preferred not to acknowledge...