Hoisted from the Archives: What I Wrote in Advance of the FOMC's September 2018 Meeting

Alexandra Petri: The Zuckerberg Hearings, Condensed: "Senator 1: Mr. Zuckerberg, we hear that you started Facebook in your dorm room...

...Mark Zuckerberg: Senator, yes.

Senator 1: I will now haltingly read a question that an aide who understands this technology better than I do has prepared, but I will mangle it slightly so that its premise is obviously wrong.

Zuckerberg: Senator, the answer to the specific question you have asked is, “No, Facebook has never done that.”

Senator 1: I feel like there is something more I ought to ask, but I won’t.

Senator 2: Mr. Zuckerberg, I hear that you started Facebook in your dorm room.

Zuckerberg: Senator, yes.

Senator 2: And are you still in college, young man?

Zuckerberg: (With faint contempt) Senator, no.

Senator 2: (With a triumphant look) Every computer screen contains millions of megapixels. Facebook has 2.1 billion users. So how many millions of bytes, or milibytes, do you include in this face book?

Zuckerberg: Senator, that question involves a specific number and I will have to get back to you...