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Tiny Dancer: For the Weekend

I do not think that Steve Moore was "an amiable guy" to the people of Kansas (except for those who benefitted from his pass-through loophole). I would accept "a seemingly-amiable grifter", but "an amiable guy" seems to me to miss the mark...

Now where are all the other professional Republican economists? Coming out against Moore-to-the-Fed is a really cheap and easy virtue signal to make even if you are not virtuous at all. Failing to come out against Moore-to-the-Fed is to send a strong vice signal to the administration, and the world:

Greg Mankiw: Memo to Senate: Just Say No: "The president nominates Stephen Moore to be a Fed governor. Steve is a perfectly amiable guy, but he does not have the intellectual gravitas for this important job.... It is time for Senators to do their job. Mr. Moore should not be confirmed...