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Indicative Votes How Parliament Will Try to Change Brexit Bloomberg

Robert Hutton: Indicative Votes: How Parliament Will Try to Change Brexit: "Members of Parliament will have put forward proposals they think should be voted on and it’s up to Bercow to choose which go forward.... At 7 p.m., Bercow will draw proceedings to a close and announce the vote. This won’t be like the usual House of Commons votes, where MPs walk through different lobbies to express their views. Instead, they’ll be given a piece of paper listing the options, and asked to vote Aye or No on each one. They’ll have half an hour.... Counting the indicative votes will probably take around an hour, and it will be up to Bercow whether he interrupts the government debate to announce the result, or waits until later. So some time before 10 p.m. The results will show how many MPs voted for and against each motion, and what happens next depends on that. Under Letwin’s proposals, Parliament will next have control of its own agenda on Monday April 1. That could be used to narrow options further, or to order the government to pursue a particular course of action...