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Charles Pierce: Khalid Shaikh Mohammad Tapes Went Unreviewed in Lead-Up to 9/11 in Latest Bush Administration Blunder: "'Terry McDermott, co-author of “The Hunt for KSM,” said his research found that United States satellites “randomly scooped up” calls between Mr. Mohammed and an alleged deputy, Ramzi bin al-Shibh. “The N.S.A. intercepted calls but didn’t listen to them or translate them until after 9/11,” he said. “Afterward, they went through this stuff and found out what it was.”' It is here where we remind everyone that one of the first things John Ashcroft did after being named attorney general by President C-Plus Augustus was to reorient the Justice Department's priorities toward porn and busting Tommy Chong for weed... how clustered was the fck that was the intelligence community... in the summer of 2001... how desperate were the efforts to cover up all of the above, and more, in the wake of the attacks themselves...