Books for Thinking About President Donald Trump in Context

Martin Wolf: A Long Brexit Extension Offers a Chance To Think Again: "The withdrawal agreement does not command the needed support in parliament or country.... The UK economy is already some 2.5 per cent smaller than it would have been if Britain had not decided on Brexit. The knock-on effect on the public finances is, it argues, £360m a week, almost exactly the sum that the fount of economic wisdom, Boris Johnson, promised would be available after Brexit.... Philip Hammond, chancellor of exchequer, used to say that the British people 'did not vote to be poorer'. But they did. Alas, it could get far worse.... The view that the British people are enslaved by the EU is laughable. But the analogy is better than Mr Johnson knew. The freed Israelites wandered in the wilderness for 40 years. That was not the promise of the Brexit campaign. But it is probably accurate. A no-deal Brexit is likely to deliver a large negative shock, followed by decades of weaker growth in an economy with reduced access to its natural markets and shorn of global confidence. The prime minister is absolutely right to reject this option, though that has come far too late...