Fairly Recently: Must- and Should-Reads, and Writings... (April 18, 2019)

I confess that I do not see this as a change. I see this as what we had before Trump. The problems of Americans and of American communities are much more those created by the great recession than thsoe created by the China Shock. Remember: there was no economic or politically salient "NAFTA Shock". And the pushing and shoving over intellectual property... is what always happens with resining future superpowers: Dani Rodrik: Peaceful Coexistence 2.0: "China has little patience for arguments that its exports have been responsible for significant whiplash in U.S. labor markets or that some of its firms are stealing technological secrets. It would like the US to remain open to Chinese exports and investment. Yet China’s own opening to world trade was carefully managed and sequenced, to avoid adverse impacts on employment and technological progress.... Peaceful coexistence would require that... China... have a free hand to conduct its industrial policies and financial regulations, in order to build a market economy with distinctive Chinese characteristics. The US would be free to protect its labor markets from social dumping and to exercise greater oversight over Chinese investments that threaten technological or national security objectives...