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April 26, 2019: Weekly Forecasting Update

If this Grassley clip were to be put forward in a cartoon of villainy, I would condemn it as an improbable fiction: Charles Gaba: GOP Senator Openly Admits Millions of Americans Are Only Alive Thanks to Democrats, and that Republicans Are Still Trying to Kill Them: "I've included the transcript below, but words can't accurately describe the tone of voice or the body language of Grassley in the actual video, so I'll just urge everyone to watch it.... This is... absolutely stunning. In the space of less than two minutes, Republican U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley (1) Admits that the ACA may be repealed due to a lawsuit brought by fellow Republicans, (2) Admits that he personally voted to repeal the ACA seven times, (3) Declares that it's not going to be repealed now even though he just admitted that it could be, (4) Yells at, berates and mocks a woman for wanting to know why he keeps trying to kill her, (5) Openly admits that the only reason she's alive today is because every Democratic Senator (plus 3 Republicans, one of whom is now dead) voted against repeal the last time around, (6) Openly admits that the only thing keeping her alive today is the fact that Democrats retook the House of Representatives, (7) Shrugs her off when she points out that he and his fellow Congressional Republicans are still trying to kill her. I'm not sure what else to say about this, except elections have consequences...