Killing My Darlings: A "Great Depression Recovery" Outtake from "Slouching Towards Utopia?: An Economic History of the Long Twentieth Century, 1870-2016"

Has David Brooks ever before put himself on the line in support of any policy that would make African-Americans' lives better? Asking for a friend: David Brooks: The Case for Reparations: "All sorts of practical objections leapt to mind. What about the recent African immigrants? What about the poor whites who have nothing of what you would call privilege? Do we pay Oprah and LeBron? But I have had so many experiences over the past year—sitting, for example, with an elderly black woman in South Carolina shaking in rage because the kids in her neighborhood face greater challenges than she did growing up in 1953—that suggest we are at another moment of make-or-break racial reckoning...