Fairly Recently: Must- and Should-Reads, and Writings... (May 10, 2019)

The creator of the World Wide Web tries to provide some guidelines for getting it back onto a useful course: Tim Berners-Lee: The World Wide Web Turns 30. Where Does It Go From Here?: "The web has become a public square, a library, a doctor’s office, a shop, a school, a design studio, an office, a cinema, a bank, and so much more. Of course with every new feature, every new website, the divide between those who are online and those who are not increases, making it all the more imperative to make the web available for everyone.And while the web has created opportunity, given marginalized groups a voice, and made our daily lives easier, it has also created opportunity for scammers, given a voice to those who spread hatred, and made all kinds of crime easier to commit...