Fairly Recently: Must- and Should-Reads, and Writings... (June 5, 2019)
American Finance: Perceptions, Prospects, and Policies

Adam Server: Conservatives Bend the Knee to Trump and Neofascism: "Ross Douthat gets political/moral problem with 'post fusionist' US conservatism: it relies upon ginning up racial resentment to win elections. But he misses this: Euro con populists accepts social democracy that US pop right can’t imagine. My problem with this is that it doesn't engage with the possibility that Trump's ethnonationalism might not be some kind of subsequent aberration that Trump stapled to his 'populism' once that won him the election, but rather the actual reason his populism helped win GOP primary... Richard Yeselson: "It was both—it was white, social democratic gerontocracy SS/Medicare) + racial/nativist/anti-feminist resentment... Greg Sargent: "Yes, I agree. There was a real economic populism buried in all of it. But that turned out to be as 'weak as straw' compared to the ethnonationalism, as Orwell put it in a somewhat different context... Adam Serwer: "The real debate here is over whether to pursue a one party illiberal 'democracy' where the state crushes its political critics and polices cultural expressions deemed “degenerate,” or whether to adhere to small-l liberal democracy. Everyone is too ashamed to say this directly)...