American Finance: Perceptions, Prospects, and Policies

American Conservative fusionism was always weird: anti-Communists, those who saw Israel as the spearhead of the U.S.'s Cold War panoply, plutocrats, anti-unionists, low-taxers, racists who wanted the federal government to stop interfering with white supremacy, gay-bashers, patriarchs, and those desperate to keep women in their previous place—it was always a group much, much, much, much less attractive to anyone than even, say, George Orwell's parody of the left as composed of "every fruit-juice drinker, nudist, sandal-wearer, sex-maniac, Quaker, ’Nature Cure’ quack, pacifist, and feminist in England".

But the current war that those social conservatives who want Blacks, women, and gays to get back in their place are waging against their soi-disant small-government regulatory-rollback allies is quite something. This puts it best: Forrest Chump: "Being into Christendom for the racism and the hierarchy is a heck of a take".

Read Jane Coasten to get a sense of what is going on, but be sure to recognize that most of it is a bunch of people trying to figure out how they can still support Trump 100% and still think of themselves as good people:

Jane Coasten: David French vs. Sohrab Ahmari and the Battle Dividing Conservatives, Explained: "First Things... a broadside against 'fusionism'... for... 'severing of the link between sex and gender' and... olding 'investors and "job creators" above workers and citizens'... fail[ing] to retard... the eclipse of permanent truths, family stability, communal solidarity, and much else... surrender[ing] to the pornographization of daily life, to the culture of death, to the cult of competitiveness... bow[ing] to a poisonous and censorious multiculturalism'.... What kind of moral compromises should conservatives make to win a cultural or political battle? Should conservatism aim to persuade liberals or inoculate conservatives against liberalism? Should conservatism care what private citizens do in their bedrooms or boardrooms or places of worship? The debate over libertarianism and conservatism, and over Ahmari and French, isn’t just about what conservatives believe. It’s about what conservatism is...