Federal Reserve Talking Points for Bloomberg: June 19, 2019

I don't understand what's being asked here: yes, Susan is right; yes, the index-number problem rears its ugly head; yes, there are absolute numbers and there are employment shares; yes, there is manufacturing; yes, there is non-computer manufacturing; yes, there are traditional blue-collar occupations. One reading of Susan is "traditional blue-collar occupations are of special concern, and manufacturing excluding computers is important because computer manufacturing is not really a blue-collar semi-skilled easy-to-unionize source of employment". That characterization of computer manufacturing is increasingly true over time—but it also applies increasingly over time to sunbelt manufacturing as well: Noah Smith: "Research from Susan Houseman of the Upjohn Institute casts doubt on the idea that the U.S. manufacturing sector produces more output than ever before, and on @delong's argument that manufacturing job losses have been mostly due to automation: https://t.co/hRjSIF5TL0...

NAFTA and other trade deals have not gutted American manufacturing period Vox

When Globalization is Public Enemy Number One No Longer Fresh at the Milken Institute Review

3 Month Treasury Bill Secondary Market Rate FRED St Louis Fed

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