Fairly Recently: Must- and Should-Reads, and Writings... (June 5, 2019)

Martin Wolf: The Looming 100-year US-China Conflict: "China’s ideology is not a threat to liberal democracy in the way the Soviet Union’s was. Rightwing demagogues are far more dangerous. An effort to halt China’s economic and technological rise is almost certain to fail. Worse, it will foment deep hostility in the Chinese people. In the long run, the demands of an increasingly prosperous and well-educated people for control over their lives might still win out. But that is far less likely if China’s natural rise is threatened.... Managing China’s rise must include co-operating closely with like-minded allies and treating China with respect.... The administration is simultaneously launching a conflict between the two powers, attacking its allies and destroying the institutions of the postwar US-led order... the wrong war, fought in the wrong way, on the wrong terrain...