Stacey Perman: No, Atlantic Editor Jeffrey Goldberg Was Not Misquoted: "Goldberg was... quoted.... 'It’s really, really hard to write a 10,000-word cover story. There are not a lot of journalists in America who can do it. The journalists in America who do it are almost exclusively white males.'... Twitter was not amused.... Goldberg took to Twitter to suggest that he’d been misquoted and that the magazine had asked for a correction:

...Tim Dickinson: How did these words cross your mind, much less escape your mouth?

Jeffrey Goldberg: They didn’t. I told the reporter that many women haven’t been given the chance to write the 10,000 word stories. That’s what I’m trying to change.

Christy Karras: So you are saying they completely misquoted you? Have you asked for a correction?

Jeffrey Goldberg: Yes.

Laura Hazard Owen, the Nieman Lab deputy editor who conducted the interview, fired back, saying Goldberg was not misquoted and that she had recorded the conversation. Hazard Owen told The Times that Goldberg had neither reached out to her directly nor asked for a correction. According to Hazard Owen, a press representative from The Atlantic contacted her to say that she thought Goldberg had “misspoken,” but did not ask for a correction.

Goldberg and a representative for The Atlantic declined to comment; the representative referred us to Goldberg’s tweets. Meanwhile, Twitter threads continued to fester, asking whether Goldberg had indeed been misquoted. By late afternoon, Goldberg’s position appeared to shift. On Twitter he clarified, saying,

Re: That @NiemanReports interview: I was trying to explain (and obviously failed to explain) that white males dominate cover-story writing because they’ve had all the opportunities. We’re trying to change that at @TheAtlantic...