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That the Conservative Party appears to want a no-deal Brexit is as bad and destructive as the Republican Party wanting Donald Trump for president: Martin Wolf: No-Deal Brexit Would Be a Lunacy Wrapped Up in a Stupidity: "AThe cost to Britain’s economy and its standing in the world would be immense.... It will be disruptive. Nobody knows quite how disruptive.... EU co-operation... would be limited.... The jump from being a full EU member to this very different status is sure to be disorderly. This is why standard trade agreements have long transition periods.... The long-run costs of being without any deal with the EU would be substantial.... For such reasons, no deal could not possibly be the end of negotiations, but a shift to new ones from a far weaker position.... The EU knows that no deal would weigh more heavily on the UK.... Leaving the EU without a deal would impair the UK’s credibility as a partner for everybody...