Monday Smackdown: Batshit Insane American Nat-Cs Department: Intellectual Leading Light Samuel P. Huntington

Betty Cracker: The Mythical Moderating Influence: "I’m not sure why the media is so invested in propping up the female Trumps as a “moderating influence” on the demagogue in the White House: 'CBS News has learned President Trump took a lot of heat from his family over the racist chants at a campaign rally in North Carolina on Wednesday. He heard from first lady Melania Trump, his daughter Ivanka and Vice President Mike Pence.' I suppose it’s remotely possible that Pence, a professional politician, winked and said 'ix-nay on the acism-ray' because he’s afraid a full-blown “send them back to Africa” campaign will hurt the reelection effort. Pence’s lips are so firmly affixed to Trump’s ass that it’s difficult to imagine such a confrontation, but okay, maybe. But we’re seriously supposed to believe FLOTUS Birther McBirtherface and Princess Complicity give a s--- what the unwashed MAGA hordes in North Carolina chanted? They didn’t say jack-shit about the racist tweet that inspired the chant, but now they’re concerned? Give me a f---ing break. The press really needs to stop falling for this bullshit PR spin. It makes them look like suckers every time. Absolute and complete bullshyt...