Weekend Reading: Polybius on the First Two Treaties Between Rome and Carthage
July 5, 2019: Weekly Forecasting Update

Dionysius of Halicarnassus: Roman Antiquities: Foedus Cassianum (493 BC): "Let there be peace between the Romans and all the Latin cities as long as the heavens and the earth shall remain where they are. Let them neither make war upon another themselves nor bring in foreign enemies nor grant a safe passage to those who shall make war upon either. Let them assist one another, when warred upon, with all their forces, and let each have an equal share of the spoils and booty taken in their common wars. Let suits relating to private contracts be determined within ten days, and in the nation where the contract was made. And let it not be permitted to add anything to, or take anything away from these treaties except by the consent both of the Romans and of all the Latins...