Liveblogging: The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle: Ceawlin and Friends

Africa is the only region in which the number of people in dire poverty continues to increase. Can industrialization help? Maybe—but it may be too late for industrial firms to be a leading sector: Bright Simons: Africa’s Unsung “Industrial Revolution”: "There is an industrial revolution underway in sub-Saharan Africa’s most entrepreneurial economies—places such as Ghana, Uganda, Senegal, and Côte d’Ivoire... Alibaba industrialisation.... No one is entirely sure why protectionist and state-led industrial policies of the type described earlier seem to induce large-scale industrialisation in Vietnam, South Korea, and Taiwan but not in Nigeria, Laos, or Uzbekistan. Every theory adduced is racked with contradictions and does not survive granular examination.... Small and medium-sized Chinese suppliers provide major chunks of the industrial jigsaw and African hustlers and unconventional industrialists act as shuttle-brokers of the various factors of production between China and Africa.... Chinese SMEs are becoming sophisticated global opportunity hunters, ditching the somewhat passive role they played as cogs in the Western outsourcing wheel three decades ago.... tailoring solutions for individual African country terrains, complete with logistics, training, and support packages. The effects of the modular transformation of the African industrial sector, whilst subtle, are already fascinating: reassembled knockdown luxury cars in Ghana; cutting-edge clay brick kilns in Uganda; and milk-vending now a thing in Kenya...