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I confess that the normal thing to do would be to give the 737MAX a de novo safety review, which it would flunk, and then shut down the value chain. Let Airbus have the business. But there is a large margin of safety in commercial aviation. And with the value chain setup, more planes can now be made cheap. Plus there are those planes already made now on the ground.

I do not know what I would do if I were king of the world:

David Fickling: Boeing's 737 Max Defense Is Poor Crisis Management: "We can expect Boeing Co.’s treatment of its two 737 Max crashes to join the syllabus–as an example of what not to do. Engineers at the planemaker discovered problems with the aircraft’s angle-of-attack sensors within months of the model’s first delivery, but didn’t share its findings with airlines, regulators or even senior management until much later, the company said Sunday. That we’re still getting incomplete details of the situation–almost two years after the problems were first found, and six months after the Lion Air crash last October that brought it to wider attention–is an almost perfect inversion of the Tylenol lesson...