Why it is that stress is so long-run debilitating is something I have never understood—especially since the forms of stress we face are not those that ought to induce a fight-or-flight use-up-the-organism's-resources response. Is it that our brains are just too good at making long-run peril real, and then transmitting that to the rest of the body? But it is clear that, here in America, racial discrimination appears doubly poisonous:

Kyle Moore: Linking Racial Stratification and Poor Health Outcomes to Economic Inequality in the United States: "Racial disparities in life expectancy and incidences of sickness... are only partially explained by differences in access to economic resources.... I investigate the role that stress plays in increasing the risk of hypertension and inflammation among older black and white Americans... exposure to potential psychosocial stressors in excess of economic resources that could mitigate or offset the effects of those stressors—modifying an approach taken by the American Psychological Association...