Liveblogging: The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle: The Holy Pope Gregory, and Columba

U.C. Davis economic historian Eric Rauchway continues his long twilight struggle against the Obama administration's claims that it did better with its crises than FDR did with his in the Great Depression-ridden 1930s. I'm with Eric here: Roosevelt knew less about how the economy worked and what to do, yet in retrospect did much better given the state of things when he took office. He did not know what to do other than to try everything and reinforce success. He did not know what the New Deal would be. But he definitely knew that there would be a New Deal:

Eric Rauchway: The New Deal Was on the Ballot in 1932: "During the 1932 campaign, Franklin Roosevelt explicitly committed himself to nearly all of what would become the important programs of the New Deal. In the months before his March 4, 1933, inauguration, he made his proposed policies even clearer. Yet many Americans have forgotten this clarity of purpose.... One historian [Roger Daniels] recently declared, 'The notion that when Franklin Roosevelt became president he had a plan in his head called the New Deal is a myth that no serious scholar has ever believed'. Outgoing president Herbert Hoover (and voters and politicians and diplomats at the time) knew better...