The echoes of the 1930s appear to me to be getting stronger and stronger. Hannah Arendt—who did not show up in the United States until 1941—always thought we were better than we were, and are: more insulated from European nihilism:

Charles Sykes: Some Thoughts on David French’s Thoughts: "This seems a good time to remind you to go get a copy of Hannah Arendt’s Origins of Totalitarianism, in which she describes the rise of fashionable cruelty among the intellectual elites of the 1930s. Arendt writes about how 'it seems revolutionary to admit cruelty, disregard for human values, and general amorality, because this at least destroyed the duplicity upon which the existing society seemed to rest. What a temptation to flaunt extreme attitudes in the hypocritical twilight of double moral standards, to wear publicly the mask of cruelty if everybody was patently inconsiderate and pretended to be gentle'...