Jo Walton: The Spearpoint Theory: The Dyer of Lorbanery: Weekend Reading

Gideon Rachman: Boris Johnson, ‘Cakeism’ and the Blitz Spirit : "If Boris Johnson’s name is ever linked to a political idea, it is likely to be “cakeism” — the notion that it is possible to govern without making hard choices. Mr Johnson’s famous remark that, when it comes to cake, he is 'pro having it and pro eating it too' has defined his approach to Brexit.... It feels, at times, as if Britain is preparing psychologically for adversity. Certainly, in casual conversations I have heard older Leavers suggest that self-indulgent millennials could benefit from the shock of learning to live without avocados and just-in-time deliveries.... If the cake hits the fan after a Johnson government had forced through a bitterly contested no-deal Brexit, the new prime minister will not be leading a united nation.... He would risk ending up as a British version of Marie Antoinette — a French queen, infamous for an ill-advised remark about cake, who met a sticky end...