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Liveblogging: The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle: The Prophecy of Augustine

Mak-'amham: Nonwentemak—blog: "The seasons are changing yet again! We are leaving the time of huuyi tiwši warép, the time of blossoming on us, and entering herwe makiš, the time it’s warm on us—the Chochenyo [Ohlone] way of saying it’s summertime.... Prepare for the foods served at Café Ohlone to represent the seasonality and warmth.... We will be serving iced Indian teas, manzanita cider, and hazelnut milk horchata, as well as native blackberry and wild strawberry fruit salads with fresh coyote mint. The warm months and longer days allow us to spend more time smoking traditional meats of salmon, quail and venison—all of which will be on our menu for summertime. We are experimenting with icy sorbets from gathered bay laurel and minty yerba buena and we are adding late mushrooms like porcini and morels to our plates as well.... We are grateful for the continued outpouring of support and well wishes we are receiving from both our community and the public for the work we are doing at Café Ohlone. We were recently featured in a piece written by John Birdsall in the Los Angeles Times, and just this morning, we were listed as one of the top 100 Bay Area restaurants by the SF Chronicle...