A very, very heartening success in the war on NIMBYism. Now we get to see whether local bureaucracies resist. And we get to see whether other states with NIMBYist regions can assemble the same political coalition:

Michael Andersen: "Oregon just voted to legalize fourplexes in all areas of every large city, duplexes on almost every urban lot. A historic achievement, first bill of its kind in US history.... before I drink it's extremely important to thank @TinaKotek, its architect & champion; @ShemiaFagan, who carried it across the floor; @Voices4ORHomes, builders of a mighty anti-displacement toolbox; @1000oregon, visionary anti-sprawl/pro-housing warriors; & many others. Democratic caucus: 14 Y, 4 N. Republican caucus: 3 Y, 5 N. Housing is popular...