Paul Celan: Todesfugue: For the Weekend

Paul Krugman: Goldbugs for Trump: "Stephen Moore and now Judy Shelton have long records of supporting the gold standard or something like it. This should put them at odds with his efforts to politicize the Fed.... With gold prices rising lately, gold standard advocates should be calling for the Fed to raise rates, not lower them. But of course both Moore and Shelton have endorsed Trump’s demand for rate cuts. This creates a dual puzzle: Why does Trump want these people, and why are they so willing to cater to his wishes?... I think there’s a simple answer.... Becom[ing] goldbugs... usually has less to do with conviction than with cynical careerism. And this in turn means that goldbugs are, in general, the kind of people who can be counted on to do Trump’s bidding, never mind what they may have said in the past...