David Brooks's declaration that something called “cultural Marxism“ directly is now “the lingua franca of the economy“ was one of the weirdest throwaway lines of the past month. Why is David Brooks today repeating a Lyndon LaRouche talking point—a false talking point—from forty years ago? I know no group who seriously either call themselves or are fairly-described as "cultural Marxists". There are some critical theorists—but they are anti-Marxist. And their speech is in no wise the "lingua franca" of anyplace outside a few enclaves in sociology, rhetoric, and cultural studies departments. Where this came from was unclear to me—until I found Ben Alpers and this guy, a veteran of the Wikipedia edit wars:

Russell Blackford (2015): “Cultural Marxism” and Our Current Culture Wars: “Richard R. Weiner... attributes the actual term ‘cultural Marxism’ to Trent Schroyer[‘s]... 1973 book The Critique of Domination... as a ‘crisis theory’ employed by the Frankfurt School of Marxist intellectuals... [and] other[s], such as György Lukács and Henri Lefebvre.... [Today] It is employed by extreme right-wing ideologues, such as Breivik, in grandiose theories that have little credibility, and it is used popularly in ways that show little understanding of its history or its original meaning...