August 9, 2019: Weekly Forecasting Update

Comment of the Day: Cosma Shalizi : "I have used Google as pretty much my only search engine since it became available, and used Gmail for all my mail since 2012. I've never shared my account (or my credit cards) with anyone else. Google should thus have a very complete idea of what I'm interested in. Here, as of late 2016 when I poked it, was its list of my inferred interests (verbatim): I can, with charity, understand 'homemaking and interior decor' (because I'd been researching new window blinds), and 'pet food and supplies' (though my cat had died more than a year before). Everything else was just flat wrong, and often mystifyingly so (I've never played shooter games, can't stand musicals, had to look up reggaeton, and have no feelings or opinions about Chevrolet one way or the other). In conclusion, superintelligence is the idea that eats smart people....