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Steve M.: Neither Haley Nor Pence Will Be the Republican Nominee: "Elizabeth Bruenig... a conversation... with several evangelical Trump supporters in Texas.... 'I asked whether any of them would be willing to vote for a more traditional evangelical challenger to Trump, should one hypothetically rise to oppose him in the primaries.... Maria Ivy warned that Pence is soft compared with Trump, too decent and mannerly.... Bob Collins agreed: “The president is having to deal with a den of vipers,” he said. “I’m not sure Pence could do that.” “It’s spiritual warfare,” Dale Ivy added, emphasizing that Trump is the only man in the field who seems strong enough to confront it.' Given the choice between a brawler who doesn't talk about Jesus enough and a devout Christian who doesn't brawl enough, evangelical voters will choose the brawler every time.... Dan Crenshaw, Tom Cotton, Liz Cheney, Matt Gaetz, Donald Junior. (UPDATE: I should add Josh Hawley to this list.)... The nominee won't be a break from Trumpism or a 'healer'...