Liveblogging: The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle: From Edwin to Osric

Yes, Bret Stephens of the New York Times is too dumb to write. Why do you ask? Steve M.: Bret Stephens Will Write in Colin Powell Next Year: "This is ridiculous. I'll ignore what Stephens says about Afghanistan, which is essentially a call for permanent occupation. On the need to 'innovate our way out of [the] problem' of carbon emissions, every Democrat in the race would agree. And they'd all agree that those meetings with Trump were 'a huge win' for Kim.... 'Democrats did well in last year’s midterms thanks to vote switchers electing moderate candidates like Utah’s Ben McAdams. They did considerably less well with turnout campaigns that failed to elect progressives like Florida’s Andrew Gillum...' Gillum lost by four-tenths of a percentage point. McAdams won by two-tenths of a percentage point. The difference between these outcomes was infinitesimal...